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May 5 2014

Thats what Dad said! Its a good thing that I am gone when you guys decide to do all these big changes... moved when i was at college.. now painting the house! We can still fish!!! I dont know who said we couldnt, but we can and we do ;) My week was really good! Bodine got sick for a few days so that knocked us down, but we found a new gator and she is super awesome.  Shes had a really hard past year and her mom just went missing and she really wants to find a religion and we started teaching her and she loves the gospel so far! We have taught her the first two lessons and are going to teach her the third on thursday! My comp and I get along great and we are planning on hunting Island park when we get back cause hes never been so I am goin to take him.  the next transfer is the 19th and what part of Arizona and whats his name? I learned some songs on the piano and thats sweet about all the kids! Love you tons and hope that everything is going well!

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Hello! How was your week? We kept busy trying to fix up the house. We are painting the brick on the outside and refinishing some windows. It takes a lot more work than you think. Dad has been helping a ton! We watched 2 extra kids this weekend. One was an 18 month old little girl that is half black! She was too cute!! So we heard the mission president put a stop to Monday fishing. What are you going to do for fun now? I'm surprised you don't play basketball. How are you and your companion getting along? Are you hoping to stay together the next transfer? We just got a new missionary he is 22 and from Arizona. He seems eager to get to work! I love seeing missionaries that are working hard and into the work.
Laton is teaching the first vision lesson in seminary next week. He has it memorized:) he loves going on splits.
Meghan has a piano recital this month. She is starting to play really well. She plays the guitar well too.
Jaidyn is tumbling and sassy as can be. She graduates from K this month:/ we love her little personality! She rides her bike like a champ!!!
Love you 50 million and can't wait to hear from you:) Tiffany and Jed got engaged:)
Love Mom
Sorry I havent written in a while, but this past week has been great.  There is this family (The Pughs), and they have this friend named Melissa that they wanted us to teach, so we said ok and we met with her that Thursday.  We started by getting to know her a lil bit, and come to find out she has had the hardest year.  First she had health problems, then they got worse, she had to move, she broke her hip, she almost died at least 3 times... Im talking about a really REALLY rough year. 

The first time we met with her it was a just get to know you meeting with our testimonies at the end of it, but the second time we met we had the opportunity to teach her about the plan of Salvation.  We were talking about in Heaven, how we believe that there are 3 kingdoms of glory, and how we cant even imagine how beautiful and great the lowest kingdom is.  then she asks why do we have to try to be our best when we know that we can make it to a place that is sooo beautiful.  And we thought and a story came to mind.  There once was a builder that was the absolute best at his job! He worked so hard and built the most beautiful homes that anyone has ever seen.  His time finally came to retire and he told his boss, but his boss begged him to build one last house.  He agreed and knowing that it was his last he slacked off on it and tried to hurry and get it done.  When he was done the boss came up to him, gave him a hug and said this house is my present to you... This house you built is for you to keep. Why would we slack, when we know that if we work hard to the end we will recieve the greatest blessing of all and that is living with our Heavenly Father.

We only get to live once, so why would we slack when we know the reward of trying to be the best that we can be! I love you guys and hope all is well
p.s We have another meeting with Melissa on Tuesday :)

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